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USAGA Lookbook Project

USAGA's first big project is the creation of a lookbook featuring South Asian children and teenagers in empowering clothing that represents their cultures. This publishing of this lookbook will bring diversity and representation to young South Asians who are underrepresented and stereotyped in mass media. 


USAGA is looking for individuals (of all genders) who would like to participate in this project as models or photographers. The only requirements are to be ethnically South Asian and for models to be between the ages of 5 and 18. We would love everyone who is interested to participate! This is a great opportunity for everyone who will take part and will connect all who participate to a larger community of people.

If you are interested select the "I'm interested" button and fill out the google form (it is nonbinding, submitting the form does not mean you have to participate).

Additonally, the production of the lookbook requires funding for publishing, photography, and design costs. Any contribution you can make, big or small, would go a long way in supporting this important project.

****Participation is Closed

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