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Research Project

Founder of USAGA, Zeyna Tai, is currently working on a research project analyzing the cultural idenities of 1.5 and 2nd generation Pakistani Immigrants in America. The goal of this research is to understand the various ways that individuals apart of this demographic choose to self-identify and why they identify the way they do. With this research I hope to spread the voices and stories of second generation Pakistani Immigrants and inspire more research among this community.

I encourage everyone who is interested and meets the eligibility requirements to participate! Participation entails a one time, one-on-one interview that will take up to an hour. The interview will be done at a time convenient for you, and can be done either in-person or on zoom depending on your comfort and location.

If you are interested click the button below to fill out a quick survey. The survey is non-binding, you can opt out later on if you would like

Requirements for eligibility

  • Must be ethnically Pakistani (from both sides of your family)

  • At least one of your parents must be born in the United States

  • Must have been born in the United States

  • Must be female-identifying

  • Must be at least 16 years old

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